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Replace all your paper business cards with one

Easy to update

Update contact details anytime, from anywhere

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What is Swapkaart?

Swapkaart is a smart business card that allows you to share contact details, social media links and attachments using NFC technology or QR code.

Using our intuitive platform, you can update contact details anytime, manage multiple digital business cards from your own dashboard and collect customer details in one click. Others don't need an app to save your contact details.

Forget monthly printing and handing out business cards that only feature your phone number and email. Save time and money using Swapkaart and never pay for paper business cards again.

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Our NFC business cards

Green  deals
Swapkaart Standard
Ready-Made Black Matte business card
(4.9) • 9 reviews
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Swapkaart Classic
White PVC High-Gloss with own logo
(4.9) • 9 reviews
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Swapkaart Premium
Individual design
(4.9) • 9 reviews
Green  deals
Swapkaart Bamboo
Sustainable NFC business card
(4.9) • 9 reviews
Green  deals
Swapkaart Metal
Luxury Metal business card with own logo
(4.9) • 9 reviews

Unlock your business potential with Metal NFC business card

Get our premium metal NFC business cards made from black stainless steel, for you and your business.  Add your company name to the front for an extra professional touch. Exclusively for paid plans.

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Share contact details and links with 1 click

Share contact details, social media links and attachments from your phone or NFC business card with 1 click/scan.
Here is what you can add to your digital business card:

Your name, job title and company
Email, phone number and address
Your photo and cover page
Unlimited social media links and websites
PDF attachments
NFC business card and phone
Lead generation digital business card

Collect others details with lead generation form

With the direct contact exchange function, you ensure that the person on the other end will share his contact details with you. Instead of collecting paper business cards from others, you can now collect their contact information in your personal CRM.

This makes Swapkaart a two-side business card.

Manage from one dashboard

Real-time updates. Manage your digital business cards and contact details online.

No more out of date paper business cards. You control what can and can’t be shared on each card. If your contact details  or branding changes, so do your digital business cards.

Digital business card platform for companies

Share in your own way

We give you all the tools to share your business card as easy as possible

Customer testimonials

Excellent !

4.9 Rating

Based on previous reviews


Great card!

As a business owner, I use a lot of business cards to promote my business. Now, I only need one card and I can do so much more than just a regular paper business card. Love Swapkaart!



Works perfect

We ordered for our company 30 cards after we saw that we can customize the cards and the we can manage everything in one dashboard. It's so much cheaper, better and innovative than paper business cards.



Super handy and useful

As a freelancer, I go to many networking events. This card saves me so much time and costs. I can easy share my details to other people and connect way easier. And all other people really love the new innovation with NFC technology.



It's the future!

Before I saw Swapkaart, I used on average 500 paper cards per quarter. Now I only need one and I can share whatever I want. Pictures, Contacts, Brochures. Everything. It's just great card and I am really happy with it!


Examples from our customers

Why Swapkaart?

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4.9 Rating

Save costs

Replace your boring paper business cards with digital ones and save costs for your company.

Save time

Manage all business cards from one platform and integrate our platform with your internal tools.


Join the digital era using Swapkaart business cards and impress people around you with the latest technology on the market.

Go paperless

By choosing Swapkaart you join the sustainable way of networking. Ditch your paper business cards, save trees and create an environmental impact today.

How digital business cards can help save the environment

Did you know that over 7 million trees are cut down each year for paper business cards? And with 90% of paper business cards thrown away immediately, that’s a lot of wasted paper. Digital cards produce no waste and reduce your carbon footprint
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