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The smart digital NFC business card that lets you share contact details instantly, make greater connections and impress your potential clients with unique technology

4.9 Rating

Custom design

Personalized design with your logo and colours


NFC & QR code functionality


with iOS and Android phones

No app

is needed to use

Our NFC business cards

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Swapkaart Standard
Ready-Made Black Matte business card
(4.9) • 9 reviews
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Swapkaart Classic
White PVC High-Gloss with own logo
(4.9) • 9 reviews
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Swapkaart Premium
Individual design
(4.9) • 9 reviews
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Swapkaart Bamboo
Sustainable NFC business card
(4.9) • 9 reviews
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Swapkaart Metal
Luxury Metal business card with own logo
(4.9) • 9 reviews

Custom design examples

Why Swapkaart?

Here is why you should throw your paper business cards and get Swapkaart

Paper business cards

Easy to share

In your own brand

Can't update contact details

Require frequent ordering

No personal web page

Discarded in a few days

Not environment-friendly


Easy to share contact details

Personal design

You can update details anytime

You only need one business card

Digital profile page



Change your contact details easy

Our business cards have a Near-field communication (NFC) chip which allows you to share your contact details with a single tap.

Each business card comes with an online profile where you can update your contact details anytime. You can add photos, links, attachments and information about yourself.

Add unlimited links

You can customize your profile page in a way that fits your brand. Add a profile and cover photo, contact details, unlimited links and social media profiles.

An example of what you can use the card for:

Exchange contacts during event
Promotion of new products or services
Online payment links
Appointment links, calendar bookings and reservations
E-commerce products

How it works

Order card

Choose the business card that suits you and complete the order online via our checkout page

Complete profile

You will receive an email from our team with more details to complete your account registration


Once confirmed, we ship your card within two working days after the design is approved

Receive card

Share contact details with a tap of the card and amaze people with your unique Swapkaart

Additional features

Besides your fancy NFC business card, you will also receive the following depending on your subscription plan:

Profile page

Add your profile photo, cover page, contact details, links, documents and more.


Manage all your digital business cards from one dashboard and update details in real-time.

QR code

Get a dynamic QR code that updates automatically after every change on your profile page.

Apple Wallet

Share contact details wherever you are with your Apple Wallet business card offline and online.

Exchange details

Get someone's contact details directly from your digital business card and save them to your profile.


Customize your profile page design, arrange links and change branding style easy.


Expand your possibilities even more with 3rd party integrations like payment links, social and more.

Customer support

In the end if you still have further questions we are here to always help you.


Excellent !


Based on previous reviews


Great card!

As a business owner, I use a lot of business cards to promote my business. Now, I only need one card and I can do so much more than just a regular paper business card. Love Swapkaart!


Works perfect

We ordered for our company 30 cards after we saw that we can customize the cards and the we can manage everything in one dashboard. It's so much cheaper, better and innovative than paper business cards.


Super handy and useful

As a freelancer, I go to many networking events. This card saves me so much time and costs. I can easy share my details to other people and connect way easier. And all other people really love the new innovation with NFC technology.


It's the future!

Before I saw Swapkaart, I used on average 500 paper cards per quarter. Now I only need one and I can share whatever I want. Pictures, Contacts, Brochures. Everything. It's just great card and I am really happy with it!



Can I design my own NFC business card?

Yes, we offer NFC business cards with custom design. You can order your card from here.
After checkout, you can send your custom design via email to stating your invoice order number or do it via this link.

What are the design printing measurements?

Make sure to send designs in the following size: 650x1016 px. Leave a small margin around the corners as well for best printing.

For the best quality, we recommend using high-quality PNG format in two separate pages with front and back designs. Make sure to use good visuals and high-contrast colours.

Note: We use high-quality printers to design the cards but sometimes the colour or the size may be slightly different after printing.

IMPORTANT: If you upload a low-res image, you will receive a low-resolution product.

You don't have a design? Our team can design your card for you! Please contact our design team for more information at

How to change my details?

After completing order, you must login to your profile and complete details. If you want to change your contact details, you can do that from your profile anytime. Login from here

Can I order more than 10 NFC business cards? 

Yes, you can order as many cards as you want. For more than 10 cards, we provide additional support and discounts. Make sure to request a quote via our contact form.

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