Get your free digital business card

Share contact details, social media links, photos and promo materials via your digital business card.

Share info instantly

Share contact details, promotional materials and social media links with a tap of a card, scan or send.

Update details anytime

Update contact information in real-time and customize your digital business card online using our platfrom.

Customize your card

Customize your NFC business card and profile page with your own logo, colours and designs to match your style.

Create your free digital business card

Create up to 10 digital business cards for you and your team using our platform for free.
See all your live cards in a single unified dashboard.

Update details in anytime

No more outdated business cards. You control what can and can’t be shared on each card. If your company details or branding changes, so do your cards.

Always up-to-date
Customize in your own brand
Easy to change details
Manage in one dashboard

Enhanced networking

Share contact details, social media links and promotional materials using your digital business card, QR code or link.

More features

Swapkaart comes with features and integrations that allows you to do more than just of sharing contact details

Custom NFC business cards

Stylish and innovative NFC business cards with your brand, logo and design.

Unlimited sharing experience

Share business cards with a tap of a card or scan QR code unlimited, without any restrictions.

Unique profile page

Always up-to- date profile page, with your contact details, photos, links and corporate colours

QR code

Share contact details wherever you are with your QR code on your phone or link.

Secure environment

Our SaaS software is based on Google Firebase cloud computing environment. Your data is safe.

Lead generation

Connect on LinkedIn or exchange contact details with a tap of a button.

3rd party Integrations

Expand your possibilities even more with 3rd party integrations like payment links, social and more.

Customer support

In the end if you still have further questions we are here to always help you.

Why  Swapkaart?

Save costs

Replace your boring paper business cards with digital ones and save costs for your company.

Save time

Manage all business cards from one platform and integrate our platform with your internal tools. Simply change your details within seconds.


Join the digital era using Swapkaart business cards and impress people around you with the latest technology on the market.

Go contactless, go green

By choosing Swapkaart you join the sustainable way of networking. Ditch your paper business cards, save trees and create an environmental impact today.

How NFC business cards can help save the environment

Did you know that over seven million trees are cut down each year for paper business cards? And with 90% of paper business cards thrown away immediately, that’s a lot of wasted paper. Digital cards produce no waste and reduce your carbon footprint


How to create a free digital business card?

In order to create a free digital business card, you must create a free account on Swapkaart platform. Once you are logged in, you go to "My cards" and click the blue button "Create a card". Follow the steps and save your free digital business card. You can register from here

How to update my details?

You can always update your details on the digital business card via the platform. Go to "Customize" tab in your navigation and follow the steps.

Can I create more than 1 digital business card?

Yes, you can create unlimited digital business cards in your profile. If you want more customization and additional features, you can always upgrade to our paid plans.