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Replace your paper business cards with an NFC business card. Save up to 350 euro per year using Swapkaart and never pay for paper business cards again.

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Free shipping for all our NFC business cards in the Netherlands

Unique design

Get your NFC business card in your unique design and colour


One Swapkaart can replace all your paper business cards

Our NFC business cards

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Swapkaart Standard
Ready-Made Black Matte business card
(4.9) • 9 reviews
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Swapkaart Classic
White PVC High-Gloss with own logo
(4.9) • 9 reviews
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Swapkaart Premium
Individual design
(4.9) • 9 reviews
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Swapkaart Bamboo
Sustainable NFC business card
(4.9) • 9 reviews
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Swapkaart Metal
Luxury Metal business card with own logo
(4.9) • 9 reviews

Order a Swapkaart. Plant a tree

Every year, over 7 million trees are cut down each year to produce paper business cards. And 90% of all paper business cards are disposed of in first 7 days which has a negative impact on the environment.

To help people become more eco-friendly and sustainable, we have decided to partner with "Trees for all" Dutch non-profit foundation. For every NFC business card purchase, we will donate a % of our sales during Green week campaign and plant trees in Green Friday Forest in Roosendaal area. Digital cards produce no waste and reduce your carbon footprint.

Join more than 360+ companies

3,000+ individuals and companies preceded you

Share contact details and links with 1 click

Share contact details, social media links and attachments from your phone or NFC business card with 1 click or QR code scan.
Here is what you can add to your digital business card:

check logo
Your name, job title and company
Email, phone number and address
Your photo and cover page
Unlimited social media links and websites
PDF attachments

Collect others details with lead generation form

With the direct contact exchange function, you ensure that the person on the other end will share his contact details with you. Instead of collecting paper business cards from others, you can now collect their contact information in your personal CRM.

This makes Swapkaart a two-side business card.

Manage from one dashboard

Real-time updates. Manage your digital business cards and contact details online.

No more out of date paper business cards. You control what can and can’t be shared on each card. If your contact details  or branding changes, so do your digital business cards.

Add your own logo

Do you want to add own logo and design?
We also print custom NFC business cards with your logo and design. You can choose from PVC high gloss or Matte texture business card.
Don't have a design? No problem. Our team will help you after your order is completed.

Why Swapkaart?

Here is why you should throw your paper business cards and get Swapkaart

Paper business cards

Easy to share

In your own brand

Can't update contact details

Require frequent ordering

No personal web page

Discarded in a few days

Not environment-friendly


Easy to share contact details

Personal design

You can update details anytime

You only need one business card

Digital profile page



How it works


Order business card

Select how many NFC business cards you want to buy and complete the order using our online checkout page

Complete profile

You will receive an email from our team with more details to complete your account registration


Once confirmed, we ship your business card within two working days after the design is approved

Receive card

Share contact details with a tap of the card and amaze people with your unique Swapkaart

Customer reviews

Excellent !

4.9 Rate

Based on previous reviews


Great card!

As a business owner, I use a lot of business cards to promote my business. Now, I only need one card and I can do so much more than just a regular paper business card. Love Swapkaart!


Works perfect

We ordered for our company 30 cards after we saw that we can customize the cards and the we can manage everything in one dashboard. It's so much cheaper, better and innovative than paper business cards.


Super handy and useful

As a freelancer, I go to many networking events. This card saves me so much time and costs. I can easy share my details to other people and connect way easier. And all other people really love the new innovation with NFC technology.


It's the future!

Before I saw Swapkaart, I used on average 500 paper cards per quarter. Now I only need one and I can share whatever I want. Pictures, Contacts, Brochures. Everything. It's just great card and I am really happy with it!


The Green Friday Forest Event by Trees for All

We are not going for Black Friday this year, but Green week! This means that for every sale we make during the campaign we will donate a % of our sales to Trees for All foundation and we're going to plant trees in the Green Friday Forest on 25th of November in the Netherlands.

By buying one NFC business card from Swapkaart, you reduce your carbon footprint, become more environmentally friendly and support for a green and healthy earth.
Green friday Trees for all


How to order?

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Select how many NFC business cards you want to buy and complete the order using our online checkout page. You will receive an email from our team with more details to complete your account registration. Once confirmed, we ship your business card within two working days.

Why should I join Green week campaign?

If you are using paper business cards you know how expensive and useless they can be. Every month you need to print boring paper business cards and 99% of them end up in the trash. You can change that. If you buy one NFC business card, you don't have to buy  paper business cards anymore in your life. One Swapkaart can replace all your paper business cards. In this way, you are more environmentally friendly, sustainable and you save money.

Can I design my own NFC business card?

Yes, we offer NFC business cards with custom design. You can order your card from here.
After checkout, you can send your custom design via email to stating your invoice order number or do it via this link.

How to change my details?

After completing order, you must login to your profile and complete details. If you want to change your contact details, you can do that from your profile anytime. Login from here

Can I order more than 30 NFC business cards? 

Yes, you can order as many cards as you want. For more than 30 cards, we provide additional support and discounts. Make sure to request a quote via our contact form.

Order a Swapkaart.
Plant a tree

Did you know that over seven million trees are cut down each year for paper business cards? Corporate Social Responsibility plays an important role in selecting an eco-friendly solution which truly substitutes the use of paper.
Digital cards produce no waste and reduce your carbon footprint.